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Five days, Four cities. One iPad.

Last time I was off to Europe in February I brought a 1st Gen iPhone as my only digital work tool. I selected a few productivity applications and relied solely on WiFi networks. It worked like a charm.

This time I’m bringing an iPad to prove or disprove my hypothesis that the iPad can replace my need for a laptop. And my needs are very simple: browse and blog; create and run presentations; access, write and edit documents; communicate via email; Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook and FourSquare; receive and send voice-mails and SMS; manage my travels and my travel literature (non-fiction PDFs and books). Pretty much keep interfacing the world as I do every day.

My iPad is packed with old presentations, 11GB movies, 3GB music, 250MB apps, non-fiction PDFs and Stanford University’s iTunes U video course in "iPhone Application Development". The latter to see if I can use my 15+ hrs flight to learn something new. I’m also bringing the VGA cable to run my presentations directly from the iPad and the Apple case to see if lives up to it’s dual promise of protection and cradle.

All my hotels have free WiFi as have all the Airport lounges I’ll be visiting during my journey. The only time I’ll be offline will be in transit.

This is going to be great fun! :D

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